Internship Supervisors

Psychology Interns can be recruited from any university within the UK offering a year in industry between the second and third year of study, as part of their psychology undergraduate degree programme.

Interns can make a truly valuable contribution to a service in return for the training, supervision and experience they gain on placement.

They should not be used to replace paid members of staff or provide essential aspects of the commissioned service; rather their roles should be designed to enhance the quality of services.

“We have a risk warning system which was set up and maintained by an undergraduate volunteer psychology assistant (and is still in use). She also delivered training on the system which was very well received and had been identified as good practice by external peer review”

(Dr Ian Hogbin, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Bowman Ward)

We hope you will be willing to offer an undergraduate internship placement, but here are some key points to consider before you do;

  • Placements begin in September and typically run for a year (minimum 30 weeks, maximum 46 weeks)
  • Intern placements are unpaid (at this time), but interns are entitled to claim travelling expenses and take annual leave equivalent to a paid member of staff, and are entitled to appropriate facilities (e.g. work space) and resources to fulfil their role
  • Placements cannot be offered for more than 4 days a week, but must be for at least 3 days a week. This makes it easier for Interns to find paid employment alongside their internship which helps prevent privileging interns who have greater financial means
  • You may wish to consider offering a “joint placement” together with a colleague

Where there is a conflict in providing a placement for a Psychology Intern or a Trainee Clinical Psychologist, services should prioritise the preservation of placements for Trainees.

For further information about the opportunity to offer an internship placement, including supervision requirements, click here.

If you are willing to offer an internship placement, please complete the Placement Proposal Form and return to the education and training team at

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