NHS People Promise

As set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and People Plan, the NHS must lead the way in valuing, caring for, listening to, educating and rewarding our people.

We each have a voice that counts

We want everyone to feel safe and confident when expressing their views. If something concerns us, we should feel confident to speak up, knowing we will be listened to and supported.

Our teams need to have safe spaces where they can work through issues that are worrying them. If there is a better way of doing something, we share it. We will use our voices to shape our roles, workplaces, the NHS, and our communities, to improve the health and care of the nation.

It is important that we all take the time to really listen, beyond the words, to understand the hopes and fears that lie beneath them. We want our people to help one another through challenges, during times of change, and to make the most of new opportunities.

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  • NHS Staff Survey
  • Just Culture

Supporting and listening to each other and celebrating success

The NHS is first and foremost one huge team: We are 1.3 million strong. We are all walks of life, all kinds of experiences. We are the NHS.

And by working in teams, we can deliver much more: our jobs make a difference, and they are rewarding, but they can also be challenging and stressful. We need to give each other the space to innovate, to develop, and to learn, but also support each other when times are tough and celebrate success.