Psychology undergraduate internship opportunities

We believe that as an employer of psychologists we have a responsibility to contribute to undergraduate learning, so as to produce graduates with the knowledge and skills that are of value to us in the future. Offering placements also enables us to work with intelligent and committed individuals who will help to contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation

These internship opportunities are available for psychology students undertaking a four year psychology degree in which their third year is expected to be a year in industry placement.

Benefits to the psychology undergraduates

  • An opportunity to acquire and develop knowledge as it occurs in professional practice.
  • Experience of working in a professional environment.
  • Understand the applicability of psychology in professional settings.
  • Ability to use and apply analytical skills in real-life situations.
  • Full induction.
  • Provided with own laptop for duration of internship.
  • Training on the NHS structure and organisation.
  • Peer supervision opportunities.

The role of practitioner psychologists

The following roles work at the Trust:

  • clinical psychologists
  • counselling psychologists
  • forensic psychologists
  • clinical neuropsychologists

As well as interns and assistant psychologists, we also have the following placement role:

  • clinical associate psychologists
  • trainee clinical psychologists

We work in a range of settings including community, outpatient, and inpatient. We work with a range of populations across the life span from children to older people. As well as working with a broad range of teams and services including:

  • inpatient psychiatric (dementia, intensive care, acute, rehabilitation, and forensic units)
  • community mental health (child and adolescent, adult, and older adult)
  • community forensic
  • perinatal, special parenting, families and paediatric
  • home treatment
  • personality disorder
  • eating disorder
  • psychosis
  • memory assessment
  • learning disabilities

Psychologists work in many different ways on many different levels depending on their specific role within the organisation. We are actively involved in service development, provision, audit and evaluation, and aim to promote co-production and service user involvement in all of these activities.

Our work can include assessment, formulation, intervention (using many different therapeutic models), and evaluation when working directly with people with mental health difficulties, families, and carers. We also increasingly work indirectly with multi-disciplinary teams in order to make best use of resources. We offer leadership, consultation, supervision, training and facilitation such as reflective practice and team formulation sessions.

Psychologists within the trust are encouraged to get involved with local, national and international research projects and draw on research to inform all aspects of their work. We strongly value and appreciate the contribution that Psychology Interns can make to the quality of care we can offer.

This site provides information for both our psychology internship supervisors and our prospective applicants about our psychology undergraduate internship programme, including application processes.